The old mill

Stromschnelle bei der Alten Mühle im Untertalzoom
Die alte Gföllermühle am Untertalbachzoom

The old mill in Untertal - belonging to the Gföller farm - is the last remaining mill along the Untertal river. In the past 40 mills seamed the Untertal river and were a significant part of agriculture in the valley.

Past the end of WWII approximately 40 mills grinded grain in the Untertal valley. While earnings from grain were little, the farmers tried to produce most of their food themselves. The old mill of the Gföller farm was operable up to the 1970s. In 1874 the mill was totally destroyed by a flooding - in 1875 the mill was then reconstructed. (Source:

At the moment the old mill is not operable, thus the typical clatter of the old mill is not present at the moment. Currently only the outdoor area of the mill can be visited.

The following hikes take course to and by the old mill:

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