Lake Duisitzkar - a gem of nature

Hiking tour to picturesque Lake Duisitzkar in the Obertal valley

Blick von der Ferchtlhöhe auf den Duisitzkarseezoom

Trail head:

Eschachalm, Obertal

Walking time:

1-1.5 hours to the lake

Lake Duisitzkar is one of the most popular photo motifs in the Schladminger Tauern mountain range. The mountain lake is framed by the summits of the mountain range and is situated at 1,665 m above sea level.

The trail head for the tour is at Eschachalm in Obertal valley and can be reached easily with the hiking bus. From there you follow the trail n° 775 towards Lake Duisitzkar. In the beginning the trail ascends quite steep through a timber forest, passing the waterfall of "Seebach" creek. After 45 minutes you reach the "Saghütten" huts (no innkeeper).

After a short rest the trail ascends - not as steep as before - to "Kesslerboden" where you enjoy the scenic view to the valley head of Obertal with the summits of Samspitze, Sandspitze, Zwerfenberg and Elendberg.

Beyond Kesslerboden the trail is a little bit steeper again and after a couple of switchbacks through the forest you reach Lake Duisitzkar after approximately 30 minutes. Here, Duisitzkarseehütte and Fahrlechhütte invite for taking a rest.

For the descent we recommend to take the logging road back to Eschachalm. Also, there is a scenic round tour around the lake (approximately 20 minutes).


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