Miners trail to Obertal

A hike to the historic mining area in Obertal

Auf der Rohrmooser Frei entlang der Knappenrundezoom

Trail head:

Hiking portal in the center of Rohrmoos or hiking portal in the village of Untertal

Walking time:

3-4 hours

Glück auf! - the traditional greeting of the miners (a variation of "Good luck") is the motto for the miners trail from the center of Rohrmoos into the historic mining area in Obertal.

The trail head is opposite of Stocker's Erlebniswelt in Rohrmoos. From there you follow the road towards Hochwurzen for about 300 m and turn left at the trail junction opposite of the road turn-off of "Tauernweg". You walk on via "Schußbühel" and the "Rohrmooser Frei" meadows into the Obertal valley.

Leaving the Dachstein range behind, approaching the Schladming Tauern mountain range where the miners formerly mined for silver and nickel. Passing Hocheggerhof you follow the Obertalbach creek into the valley. The cool water of the creek is also perfect for refreshing your feet. At Wehrhofalm the trail takes course towards the Nickel museum and further on to Holdalm.

Visiting the former processing site of silver and nickel gives an even better impression about the life back then. Ambitous hikes extend the hike for 30 minutes more and hike on to Eschachalm. Along the trail there are several bus stops where you can hop on a bus back to the village of Untertal, Rohrmoos or Schladming.

Alternative route from Untertal village

The 2. alternative for the miners trail has its trail head at the hiking portal in the village of Untertal. From there you follow the trail passing the school building and the building yard of the municipality. Walking on through the forest you reach Ahornweg where you follow the road towards Hocheggerhof while passing traditional farms along the way. From Hocheggerhof just follow the description from above.


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