Mill tour in Untertal

A round tour from the village of Untertali to old "Gföller" mill

Bild von der Stromschnelle bei der Alten Mühlezoom

Trail head:

Hiking portal in the village of Untertal

Walking time:

1-1.5 hours

From the hiking portal in Untertal (across from the fire station) the trail takes course along the Untertalbach creek towards the old "Gföller" mill, passing the "Ahl" farm. The mill is the last remaining mill of formerly 40 mills in the Untertal valley.

After a short ascent the trail joins the road into the valley and turns off left into Janerweg via Janer bridge. From there the trail runs along the road until the "Gföller" farm to which the old mill belongs.

At "Gföller" the trail again turns off left and over the meadows takes course back to the "Ahl" farm. Along the creek the trail leads back to the hiking portal.

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