Round tour Neualm - Lake Duisitzkar

From Eschachalm to Lake Duisitzkar via Neualm

Brunnen am Duisitzkarsee im Obertalzoom

Trail head:

Eschachalm, Obertal

Walking time:

4-4.5 hours for the round tour

Dog ban

Grazing livestock (cows, sheep and horses amongst others) as well as deer and chamois perceive dogs as a major threat – regardless of their size. For this reason, the alp farmers decided, to lock out dogs from the alps in the upper Obertal valley (from Eschachalm both toward Keinprechthütte as well as the Duisitzkarsee).

The hike to Lake Duisitzkar via Neualm is a scenic round tour at the valley head of Obertal. Trail head and end point of the tour is Eschachalm at 1,211 m.

The trail head of the hike is at the hiking portal Eschachalm in the Obertal valley. Along the hiking path - alternatively you can choose a logging road - you hike towards Neualm and Keinprechthütte. The trail ascends equably to Neualm at 1,618 m above sea level. This first part of the hike takes about 1.5 hours of walking time.

Neualm (no innkeeper at the hut) is a good point to take a rest. Crossing the creek the trail then branches off out of the valley towards Lake Duisitzkar. The many tree roots on the trail and short steep passages require surefootedness. In general the trail between Neualm and Lake Duisitzkar is a constant up and down, without big difference in altitude. Through a timber forest and mountain pine fields you reach Lake Duisitzkar at 1,640 m after approximately 1.5 hours. Here, Duisitzkarseehütte and Fahrlechhütte invite for a rest.

Boosted from the snacks at the huts the last part of the round tour takes you from Lake Duisitzkar back to the trail head at Eschachalm. You can choose between descending on a hiking trail or via a logging road. Descending for about 1-1.5 hours you reach the trail head at the hiking portal and the nearby Eschachhütt'n invites for a cup of coffee and cake.


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