Talbachklamm tour

Hike between Schladming and the village of Untertal

Bild von der Talbachklamm zwischen Schladming und Untertal-Dorfzoom

Trail Head:

Hiking portal Untertal village or hiking portal Kraiter parking

Walking time:

approx. 1.5 hours

A hike to Schladming and back to the village of Untertal - the roaring Talbach river as a constant companion.

The hike starts at the hiking portal in Untertal - the view to the Dachstein range ahead. First the trail takes course along the road and branches off to the right at the first hairpin bend. This is where the Upper Talbach trail begins. Passing the »Steinwendhäusl« you follow the trail to Hintereggweg where you turn off right towards Schladming. You pass hotel Rohrmooser Schlößl, where remains of the castle Säusenstein are still visible. Walking further down you reach the blacksmith Stocker and the Talbach river again.

You cross the Talbach river and after the bridge turn right and take the trail through Talbachklamm gorge back to the village of Untertal. After a few meters a viewing platform offers a great view into the gorge and the Talbach river. Approx. 45 minutes later you reach the starting point of your tour.

The round tour can of course also be started at the hiking portal at Kraiter parking.

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