Toteisboden - an ecological anomaly

Zwergbirken im Naturschutzgebiet Toteisbodenzoom

Toteisboden - a raised moor - is a nature-sanctuary in Untertal and is located approximately 300 metres into the valley from the parking area at Hinkerbrücke, and directly along the theme trail of Wild Waters.

The moor is situated in a steep rock slope covered with moss. Due to its location and micro-climatic characteristics it is an ecological anomaly in the Eastern Alps. Through the sanctuary runs a short path that is seamed with unique vegetation, and the area is like a natural refrigerator. The distinctive features are openings in the slope, that inlet air in winter and dispense it again in summer.

In the area of Toteisboden there is interesting and rare tundra vegetation, thereunder:

  • red sphagnum
  • dwarf birch (betula nana)

In 2001 a floristic and phytosociological research discovered an outstanding high diversity of lichen, moss, fern and rare fungus at Toteisboden. Moreover some extremely rare species could be found (Source:

The following hikes take course to and run by the protected area of Toteisboden:


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