Roaring Talbach river in the canyon

Die Talbachklammzoom

On a walk through Talbachklamm canyon between Schladming and the village of Untertal, the roaring sound of Talbach river is a constant companion.

Alongside the river a trail for hikers and bikers takes course through the canyon. The trail is popular among locals and guests for a walk or as a jogging trail and serves as connection for mountainbikers to the valleys of Untertal and Obertal. The trail is accessible all-year and throughout the seasons the canyon shows its various impressive facets.

These hikes and walks take course through Talbachklamm:


The sound of water

The omnipresent roaring of the Talbach river is a constant companion along the trail throughout the year. Also, the roaring sound has a surprisingly comforting and calming effect. Click below and listen to the sound of Talbach river.

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