Mit Schlegel und Eisenzoom
Höhlenforscher im Annastollen Bromriesenzoom
Kinder im Annastollen Bromriesenzoom
Kindergruppe am Stolleneingang des Annastollenzoom

Vision - absolutely NO vision. Without a headlamp or torch you would be lost within seconds in the Annastollen mining gallery at Bromriesen. The former silver mine at the floor ground of Obertal was adapted and today is used for guided tours into the tunnel system.

The history of mining in the area of Bromriesen and the Annastollen mining gallery dates back to the 16th century. In the beginning of the mining activity in Obertal the miners used the technique of fire-setting, in the 17th and 18th century they used the technique of rock blasting.

The marks of mining also show that breakage of natural mineral deposits was made with hammer and pick, and single-point pick. From the 19th century we can see marks of exploration work. Johann Rudolf Ritter von Gersdorff and his grand-children continued the mining of nickel until the shutdown in 1876.

Due to the discovery of large nickel deposits in New Caledonia and the eventual price decline mining at Bromriesen was not profitable furthermore.

Today, Annastollen is used as a tourist attraction during the summer months. The tourist office offers guided tours, whereby Annastollen provides the main entrance to the tunnel system of Bromriesen. The entrance is located on an altitude of 1,226 meters above sea level.

Guided tours are offered on Wednesdays  at 1.45 pm. For the tour a personal registration at the tourist office is necessary.

For larger groups it is possible to arrange separate tours and times.


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