Tettermoor - fen in Untertal

Überflutetes Moor im Frühlingzoom

The following hikes pass by Tettermoor:

Tettermoor is a fen in the Untertal valley of Rohrmoos and named after the nearby inn  "Gasthof Tetter".

After heavy rainfall Tettermoor temporarily develops into Tetter lake and fulfills an important protective function for the village of Untertal and Schladming. The flora at Tettermoor contains many rare species and has adapted to conditions that are siliceous and deficient in lime. The plant population is characterized by carex nigra and similar plants.

The fen invites to take off the shoes and take a few steps barefoot along the Untertal river.

Also, the area around Tettermoor is popular among fly fishermen. The required tickets are available at Gasthof Tetter.


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