Talbachklamm - feel life

Feel the refreshing spray in the gorgezoom
Talbachklamm in winterzoom

Feel the fascinating energy of water. In Talbachklamm gorge you get close with water - without even stepping in or holding your hand into its flow.

The roaring Talbach river unfolds its overwhelming powers, runs over rock steps, through rapids and blazes down on solid stone - at the same moment creating a pulverulent spray, that enriches the gorge's air with the smallest of water molecules.

Through the power of water the air is charged with ions, that are pleasant for the human body and bring our organism into balance. No wonder - Talbachklamm is a popular recreation area for locals and guests.

Feel the cold

In winter the cold air - combined with the high humidity - turns Talbachklamm into a world of ice sculptures. The small creeks that feed into the gorge create icy figures. These not only create a fascinating atomsphere but also emanate a sensible, icy cold.

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