The Mountain Lake Tour

From Ursprungalm to Lake Duisitzkar via the Giglach lakes

Blick über die Giglachseen Richtung Ostenzoom

Trail head:

Ursprungalm, Preuneggtal

Walking time:

5-6 hours

Dog ban

Grazing livestock (cows, sheep and horses amongst others) as well as deer and chamois perceive dogs as a major threat – regardless of their size. For this reason, the alp farmers decided, to lock out dogs from the alps in the upper Obertal valley (from Eschachalm both toward Keinprechthütte as well as the Duisitzkarsee).

The element water is our constant compantion during this hike. Gentle and cool, that is how the Giglach lakes and Lake Duisitzkar present themselves along this tour.

Ursprungalm is the trail head for the hike. You can reach it easily and comfortably with the hiking bus from Schladming or Rohrmoos.

From Ursprungalm the trail ascends smoothly for about 1 hour before you are compensated with the breathtaking view across the Giglach lakes. On this first part of the hike you can also walk in the footsteps of the ancient Romans who already crossed this alpine mountain pass 2,000 years ago and used it as a trade route.

Passing by Giglachsee Hütte you walk on along the lakes towards Ignaz-Matthis-Hütte. At the other end of the cirque your trail meets with trail n° 775. Not far from it you will find remnants of decayed huts that were used by miners during the centuries of mining activity in this area. Looking back to the Giglach cirque one last time you hike along a trail that is seamed with dwarf pines, passing by Murspitzsattel (2,013 m) until you reach the ridge of "Ferchtlhöhe" from where you get a marvellous view into the Duisitzkar cirque with Lake Duisitzkar in its center.

Descending over a steep trail into a larch forest the lake is reached quite quickly and you can marvel at the mountain scenery that mirrors in the smooth surface of the lake. The huts Duisitzkarseehütte and Fahrlechhütte invite for a rest.

The last part of the hike is the descent from Lake Duisitzkar to Eschachalm. You can choose to descend via hiking trail or logging road. From Eschachalm the hiking bus takes you back to Schladming and Rohrmoos.


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