The alps in Obertal valley

Picturesque lakes and traditional alps

Blick von der Obertaler Almenrunde auf den Duisitzkarseezoom

Trail head:

Hiking portal Eschachalm, Obertal

Walking time:

ca. 6 hours for the round tour

Dog ban

Grazing livestock (cows, sheep and horses amongst others) as well as deer and chamois perceive dogs as a major threat – regardless of their size. For this reason, the alp farmers decided, to lock out dogs from the alps in the upper Obertal valley (from Eschachalm both toward Keinprechthütte as well as the Duisitzkarsee).

The hike to the alps in the Obertal valley takes course along some of the most scenic lakes in the Schladminger Tauern mountain range. Along the way lie several huts that invite for taking a rest.

You start your hike at Hopfriesen and follow the classic Miner's Trail n° 776 towards Giglachseen Lakes. You first ascend to Lackneralm chalet (private). Further up you reach the Landauerboden at the Knappenkreuz memorial, which is a comemmorative wayside cross in remembrance of the mining history in the Schladminger Tauern range. Once you reach Landauerboden it is worthwhile to make a small detour to beautiful turquoise Landauersee Lake.

A few minutes walk further you reach the picturesque area of Giglachalmen meadows, where you can also see the remains of historic miners' housing. Soon after, you reach the trail crossing 775/776 at Giglachbach creek and a few minutes later you get to the shore of the Lower Giglachsee Lake with the trail junction 775/702. From here it takes you about 15 minutes to Ignaz-Mattis-Hütte and 30 minutes to Giglachseehütte, both inviting hikers to take a rest.

From the Giglachseen Lakes you hike back to the trail junction 775/776 where you now follow trail n° 775 towards Duisitzkarsee Lake. Along the face of Murspitzen you reach Murspitzsattel ridge and Ferchtlhöhe mountain saddle, from where you have a terrific keen sight into Duisitzkar cirque with its picturesque lake. Via a quite steep trail the route now descends into the cirque, where Duisitzkarseehütte and Fahrlechhütte invite hikers for a rest. While descending you walk through an old larch and pine forest with beautiful views to the lake. In early summer the slopes of the cirque are covered with rhododendron ("Almrausch") in bloom.

After a break at the lake you start your descent to the valley. Via Saghütten chalets (private only - no refreshment stop) you finally reach the valley floor of Eschachboden where Eschachalm inn is situated and where you have earned yourself a cup of coffee and some delicious pastry.

The bus back to Rohrmoos and Schladming leaves right next to the inn.


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